Aji Limon (Lemon Drop) Seedling


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Aji Limon (Lemon Drop) Seedling

A chilli used in many peruvian dishes, the Aji Limon goes by many names, such as Lemon Drop, Hot Lemon, Aji Lemon, or Lemon Chilli. A prolific producer and known for its stunning citrus flavour, it tastes beautiful in salsas, thai curries, and can compliment any dish that needs a hit of lemon lime while adding some mild heat.

Species: Capsicum Baccatum

Flavour: Beautiful sweet citrus/lime flavour

Colour: Pods ripen from light green to a bright yellow

Heat Level: 2/10

Scoville Heat Units: 20,000-50,000

Take the hassle out of germinating seeds

Having a hard time germinating seeds or want to take the hassle out of growing from seed and get a head start come Spring time?

Our seedlings have been germinated by us under controlled conditions earlier on in the year so they’re ready come Spring. They will come with a minimum of 6-8 mature leaves, typically as pictured.

Plants have not been topped, as we leave this up to you. If you are unsure what topping is, please have a look at this video on YouTube.

We’ve germinated seeds from pods we’ve harvested from our own Aji Limon mother plants.

Seedlings are supplied in a 50mm Coco Coir Jiffy which can be planted straight into the soil or the netting removed and the seedling planted. Just make sure the Jiffy and surrounded coco is saturated with water before removing the netting to minimise root disturbance.


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