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Primotalii Plant – Mature plant, flowering and fruiting.

We have 3 Primotalii matured plants that will be available for delivery start of August. Plants have been grown indoors from Feburary this year, and are quite large, measuring over 1m tall x 1m wide. The buyer needs to be aware that because these plants have spent their life indoors, come August, the weather outside will still be quite cold. This would mean the plant may experience minimal growth and some leaves and fruit could fall off. There are several ways to combat this.

  1. Place the plant in a greenhouse (if available)
  2. Place a frost cover over the plant which increases the temperature inside the cover. These are available from Bunnings.
  3. Keep the plant indoors under strong 3500K lights and keep the plant warm, till the weather warms up outside in September.

The buyer will accept responsbility for the life of the plant.

Mature plants are only available for delivery to Sydney Metro (no pick up)

A cross between the 7 Pot Primo and Fatalii Jigsaw, the Primotalii has been reviewed by many to be hotter than the Carolina Reaper. Although no official tests have been published on the SHU of this chilli, the well known Johnny Scoville from Chase The Heat, who has eaten many many chillies, including many Carolina Reapers, says it’s the hottest, so we believe him! Check out his review of the Primotalii on his YouTube channel here.

We’ve been growing these for some time, and pod variations still exist, some with tails (of varying lengths) and some without tails.

Peppers have a rough surface and shimmery surface similar to the Carolina Reaper, and the plant is a prolific producer.

Species: Capsicum Chinense

Flavour: Just bloody hot (some say floral)!

Colour: Pods ripen from green to orange to shimmery red

Heat Level: 10+/10

Scoville Heat Units: 2,200,000+?

What’s included

Plants will come in a 100mm peat pot, with a minimum of 8 mature leaves, typically as pictured, unless otherwise noted in the description (i.e. flowering and fruiting plants),

Plants will not come with chillies (unless otherwise noted in the description). Photos of chillies are for illustrative purposes only to show the type and characteristics of the variety.

The peat pot is 100% biodegradable. This means you don’t have to disturb the root system by removing it from the peat pot. Instead you can put the peat pot straight into the ground or into a larger pot, and the roots will continue to grow through the peat as if it wasn’t there.

If you’ve never grown chillies before or gifting this to someone who may not have a green thumb, we send our comprehensive Guide to Growing Chillies with all our plant and seedling orders. You can also check out our frequently asked questions or contact us if you have any other questions.


Due to Covid-19, Australia post is no longer guaranteeing next day delivery for express post parcels.

Orders which include plants, seedlings or fresh chillies are shipped express for a flat free Australia Wide. We choose the fastest shipping method at the time of order, and use a combination of Australia Post Express or Sendle Couriers, depending on location.

Handling time is currently 2 business days for orders outside Sydney Metro.

Orders outside of Sydney Metro are despatched Monday to Wednesday to give your order the best chance of arriving before the weekend.

Orders received Tuesday to Sunday are despatched Monday.

Orders received Monday are despatched Tuesday.

Sydney Metro orders are despatched Monday to Thursday.

Plants can only be sent to states in Australia not listed under Quarantine restrictions here.

If for any reason there is a delay in shipping your plants, you will be notified as soon as possible.

Pick up is available in Baulkham Hills, NSW 2153 for all plants, fresh and dried chilli. If pick up is selected during checkout, you will be sent an email with the pick up details following your confirmed order. If fresh chillies are ordered and we have not received a reply within 2 business days for when the order will be collected, your order will be cancelled and refunded. Given the nature of fresh chillies, all orders must be collected within 5 days.

We do not offer International shipping.


Chilli plants prefer tropical weather, and typically the best time to plant is in Spring. You will need to determine (based on the climate in your area) when the best time to plant is to avoid damaging or potentially killing the plant if there’s a frost risk.

Our plants require hardening, which means getting them used to the full strength of the sun by increasing their exposure over a 1 week period. Exposing them to full sun straight away may burn the leaves (they turn white and crisp) and stunt growth.

Please be extremely careful when handling chillies from this plant. Anything at or above the Scoville scale of a habanero (300,000 SHU) can cause severe pain if handled incorrectly. Keep out of reach of children. Handle ripe pods with gloves to avoid accidently squeezing the chilli and releasing it’s oils onto your skin. Do not consume on an empty stomach.


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