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    How come your website no longer has any plants for sale?

    Unfortunately plants will no longer be sold in 2022 as we are currently moving into a larger facility. We hope to be back bigger and better in 2023. Thank you for all your support.

    Do you grow all the chillies and plants you sell?

    All fresh and dried chillies we sell are from our mother plants. All seedlings we sell are grown by us right here in Sydney. We do not resell fresh and dried chillies, and we do not resell any seedlings from other suppliers.

    Is pickup available?

    We offer free local pickup in Baulkham Hills, NSW 2153 (by appointment only) or delivery within Australia through Australia Post.

    Local pickup is by appointment only. Our plantation is not open to the public. Your order will be sent from our plantation and made available for collection from a private residence in Baulkham Hills, NSW 2153. You will be contacted by email once your order is ready for collection to arrange a suitable time for pickup. If an urgent pickup is required, please contact us before placing your order to make sure we are available at the time required.

    Depending on the products purchased (please see below), we aim to ship all orders within 2 business days. You will be notified as soon as possible if there are any delays in despatching your order.

    You can read more about our shipping policies here.

    What makes you different to our local nursery?

    We specialise in growing chillies, and it’s all we do. Our seeds are grown from our mother plants, or purchased from the original source where the hybrid was created. For example all our Carolina Reaper seedlings are grown from seeds directly from Ed Currie and the Pucketbutt Company (the creators of the Carolina Reaper).

    Our plants are typically much larger than the equivalent priced chilli plants you buy from your local nursery/Bunnings and there’s no lottery when buying a variety from us. Because our plants are sold at a much larger size, we use peat pots that are fully biodegradable, so you do not have to worry about disturbing the root system and delaying growth, just place the entire peat pot in the ground or pot.

    We also send care instructions which go into detail on planting through to vegetative growth, flowering, and harvesting, through to overwintering, with recommendations given on fertilisers, potting mix, watering, and placement.

    We’re also here to try and answer any questions you may have throughout the process, as we’ve likely come across the same questions you have.

    How will I know if the fresh chillies I order are indeed fresh and not frozen and thawed?

    If you order fresh chillies, they would have come off the plant no more than a week ago. Our fresh chillies are kept in refrigerated storage for up to 1 week before they are dehydrated and sold as dried chillies. Fresh chillies can be stored in a refrigerator for upto 2-3 weeks until they need to be frozen or dried.

    Another way to check is to visually inspect the pod for darkening spots and softness. When chillies are picked, they are typically firm, even if they’re thin skinned. Thawed chillies are never as firm compared to when they have just been pulled off the plant. If you’re in any doubt, take a photo and send it through to us!

    I’ve never grown chillies before, do you have grow instructions?

    Our in depth grow guide is included as a downloadable link in the order completed email. The grow guide takes you through the entire plants lifecycle, including watering, potting, fertilisers, potting soil types, overwintering, and pest control. If you have any more questions after reading the Grow Guide feel free to drop us a line and we’ll happily try to answer them for you.

    I’m gifting this to someone and they don’t have a green thumb. Are chillies hard to grow?

    Chillies are quite simple plants to grow once you know their basic requirements. Our care instructions are simple to follow, and you don’t need any experience in growing chillies to follow them. If you’re unsure about something, just ask us.

    What is hardening?

    Hardening is the process of acclimatising a plant to the outdoors, and is typically necessary for young plants which have started life indoors under articial light. Plants need time to adjust to the sun and wind and this process can take up to 7 days.

    Have your seedlings been hardened?

    Our seedlings start off life indoors, and have not been hardened. Therefore we recommend that for the first 7 days, that you give the plant time in part sun part shade, increasing the amount of sun day by day (typically an extra hour everyday), till you reach 7 days.

    Leaving a young seedling plant outside in direct sunlight can cause the leaves to turn white from sunburn. Although this will not typically kill the plant, it can take 2-3 weeks to recover before you start seeing new growth again.

    Do your fresh chillies come with the seeds, and are they viable?

    All of our fresh come with seeds, and we do not cut the chilli in any way or remove any seeds. You can store the seeds for later use, or plant them right away!

    Do you top your seedlings?

    In summary, we do not top our seedlings.

    Topping a plant is when you cut the main stem directly beneath the upper most set of leaves, referred to as a Y-node. By doing this, you redirect the plants hormones (which exist in the highest concentrations at the top of the plant) to lower in the plant. Normally after 1 week the plant begins to develop new branches beneath the cut. In turn, these new branches are said to create a bushier plant, and more branches = more nodes = higher yield.

    There is no right or wrong answer to if you should top or not. Some plants respond better to topping then others. Capsicum Chinense and Baccatum for example will continue to branch out naturally given the right conditions even if not topped. Something to consider is that topping will delay the plants growth, as it takes time for new branches to form, and mature. This would not be ideal for people with a short growing season, as you’re setting the plant back a few weeks by topping. If your season is long, it might be beneficial to top, as the few weeks setback may pay off with higher yields.

    This is why we do not top any seedlings we sell, and we leave this up to you as there are many varying conditions which can influence a plants yield.