Buying fresh chillies?

Our fresh chillies are grown in our hydroponic farm in an insect and pesticide free environment. You can be assured when you receive your fresh chillies that they will be bug free.

Where possible, we pull the chillies off the plants the day an order is sent so you receive the freshest produce. Sometimes however, this isn’t possible, and we keep harvested stock for up to 3 days before we move it into our dehydrators where they become our dried chilli.

All chillies are labelled with the harvested date so you know when we’ve pulled them from the plants.

Fresh chillies can potentially stay in the fridge for up to 3-4 weeks and remain fresh and firm, so you can rest assured that when you buy fresh chillies from us you still have a couple of weeks of having them in the fridge before you need to use them, freeze or dry them.

Looking to germinate your own seedlings? You can easily buy seeds of super hot varieties from many online outlets anywhere from $5-$10 per 10 or so seeds. But knowing the freshness of the seeds or if the seeds did in fact come from the variety you purchased is another story. We sell our fresh uncut chillies at an average of $1 each pod. Each fresh pod will typically contain at least 10 seeds depending on the variety, size of pod, etc. Buying fresh pods means you know the seeds are fresh and haven’t been sitting around for months or even years with germination rates dropping as time goes by. You can also see and taste the pod, so you know the chilli seeds you’re getting are coming from the variety you want to grow. No more guessing games 3 – 4 months down the track after they’ve germinated.

We never sell frozen or thawed pods.

All fresh pods are posted via express post in food grade containers with protected packaging ensuring your pods arrive in the best condition.