About us

Sydney Chillies is a family-owned business which specialises in growing chillies. Our North African roots meant we grew up in a household of eating spicy food, and our desire to grow and eat chillies all year around led to us wanting to discover how this could be possible in Sydney’s always changing climate. 

Having spent time holidaying in South America on specialised organic farms growing heirloom varieties of tomatoes, showed us the potential to offer products in Australia free of insecticides, pesticides and other harsh chemicals, while offering an incredible taste unlike anything we’ve had before. The next challenge was to grow all season.

Sydney Chillies grows exclusively indoors in a completely sanitised and sterilised environment all year around. We don’t use any chemicals, as we don’t need to treat for pests and insects that could otherwise harm the crop. We do not offer pick up from our grow farm, as this area is not open to the public due to the nature of our grow facility. Instead pick up is available from a residential address in Baulkham Hills, or we can post all over Australia. For more information you can check out our shipping page.

Not only do we love eating chilli, but we also love tendering to plants and reaping what we sow. We love the challenge of germinating stubborn varieties and seeing the reaction from customers when their first ever pods begin showing, or when they take a bite of their first super-hot chilli!

Chillies are our passion and our ability to grow chillies all year around means you can enjoy fresh pods during autumn and winter months wherever you are. All pods and plants come from our own stock that we personally care for. Whether you’re looking at your first seedling or a bunch of fresh super-hot pods, you can be assured that every care has been taken to give you the best product possible.

Sydney Chillies currently offers our customers